Compassionate Givers Spotlight

Support Our Progress Fund And Improve Lives Worldwide

1. When you make a generous donation into our progress fund, we will show our appreciation, and honor your kindness, by creating a spotlight page for you to promote your business or services on our facebook page. It will also appear on our twitter and website pages. You will receive this major exposure to millions of our visitors from all over the world. This may result to potential orders or sales or inquiries about your products and services. This is a great opportunity which will benefit you and your business. What are you waiting for? Make a donation today and help us to uplift, help and change lives worldwide. To make your donations visit the link below:

2. Are you passionate about being the miracle in the lives of people in need of help?
3. Are you interested in uplifting our brothers and sisters who have lost faith and hope about the goodness in humanity and God's love?
4. Do you love to become a part of the great unselfish service through sacrifice, to bring positive change in the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters who are currently suffering and in need of our help?
5. Have you been blessed abundantly with money and material possessions or with a very successful business, career, and life, and you are looking for ways to help others too or to pay it forward, but you don't know where to find those worthy of your giving and generosity? We present you a great opportunity here to donate to worthy people and causes that will appreciate your compassion.
6. Please use the link above to make your donations. As soon as you complete your donation, send us a brief profile about you, your business, your business logo, your photo (optional), and any relevant information about your products and services, which you want us to include in your spotlight. We will do a review to confirm your donation before a spotlight is published.
7. We also welcome donations such as working used laptop computers or non-functioning laptop computers, high school text books for all grades, for school students in the United States; clothes and shoes for all ages. We distribute these to high school students in need, and homeless individuals and families, locally here in Tampa, Florida, USA. If you are able to donate these items to us, please send or ship it to our collection location at: Positive Life Changer, Unit 597, 9505 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33612. USA. If you have any questions, please send text or leave message for us at: 18134192178. Thank you.
Join us, through through your donations to positively change lives worldwide, one-person-at-a-time.
Gerald Paulson
Vice President
Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team

                                        Seminar V.I.P Seat Reservation Opportunity
* When you reserve your seat in advance, you never miss our educational, motivational and positive life changing seminars.
* We are rolling out seminars in Tampa, Florida, and around the United States, sharing useful, motivational, and helpful, life changing information on a variety of topics that affects peoples lives daily.
* Our seminars get sold out quickly through word of mouth and through our various advertisements on social media. If you don't want to miss a seminar that deals with issues affecting your life, please send us a text or use any of our contact forms on our website, to reserve a seat based on the topics you are interested in. We will send you a confirmation e-mail and all the details about the seminar, 30 days in advance,  which includes, date, location, and whether it is a paid or free seminar. This will give you enough time to be ready to come and learns, relax, and have fun at our seminars. They are indeed a fun experience.
*If you reserve a seat in advance, you will receive 50 percent of our seminar announced gate admissions price. You will also have the opportunity to be a sponsor of our seminar in your community, city, or state, and receive 50 percent of all revenues or proceeds from such seminars which you serve as a sponsor.  If you have promotion networking, social media connection skills, and if you are currently unemployed, you can make a lot of money sponsoring our seminars in your church, group, neighborhood, community, or even in your workplace.
                                          Select The Seminar You Wish To Attend Below
1. Putting the erotic fire back in sexless marriages.
2. Revival of the missing love in romantic relationships.
3. Identifying and taking advantage of the goldmine and message in your life disappointments.
4. The solutions to the abuse and victimization of men through the child support system.
5. The only elusive solution that will get African-American men and women to get along and work together instead of hating each other.
6. A fun and entertaining night of laughs, music, dance, relaxation, food, and motivations for Africans in the diaspora.
7. Hip-Hop music entertainment and fun showcase dinner featuring Tampa's rapper de.sent.
8. Tampa's from dream to  reality impromptu talent show and fun night: win $5,000 grand price plus exposure.
9. Workshop on getting law enforcement and citizens to work together for the common good of the community.
10. Solutions workshop for life's disruptive and destructive addictions.
11. Community personal financial bailout flea market to support the unemployed.
The above listed topics are all the positive impact events, workshop, and seminars  we have coming up for now, more will be added later.
* You don't need to be rich, famous or a celebrity to help, encourage and support  your fellow brothers and sisters to make changes that will improve their lives. We are family whether you realize it or not. The day you face hardships you will understand.
* We encourage you to visit the local schools in your community to see what the students and the teachers need, to help them progress in their classrooms, and donate suppliers, books, shoes, clothes, etc to very poor students to give them hope to continue to learn, because they are the world's future leaders. Talk the school principal and tell them that you want to be of help.
* If you want to encourage and support Positive Life Changers, to continue to be a source of help to many forgotten people around the world, please make a donation to our 'Help Fun." You can use the donation links on our webpages. We thank you for your generosity. Pay-it-forward through your donations in appreciation of the great blessings that you have received in your life.
* It is very simple to make a V.I.P. reservation for any of our up coming seminars, workshop or events: simply text your full name, e-mail address, and state the seminar topic that you are interested in attending to: (813) 419-2178, or use any of our contact forms on any of our webpages.  Your e-mail is kept confidential and not released to any third party.  Thank you for your consideration.

Gerald Paulson
Vice President
Positive Life Changers

P.S.: please share our website with your family, friends, and social media associates. Start making money as a sponsor of our events in your community.

Our Plan To Lifting Up our Fans And Followers From Poverty

Our fans, and followers worldwide deserve a better life than the horrible life and painful miserable experience of suffering and living in poverty. If you are our fan or follower, and you are living in and suffering in poverty, we want to help you by showing you what you can do for yourself, without any help from the government, to lift you our of your current difficult financial hardship situation. This will help to provide you with the money you need to take care of yourself, or to take care of yourself and your family, so that you can start to live, enjoy and experience a better quality of life.

We want to start this project, beginning in January 2017 and forward. Money is a very important tool which enables people to afford the basic necessities of life, which they need to survive. When you don't have money or don't have have access to money to afford the basic things you need, you are a poor person. This means that many people who are employed, or many people who have jobs are actually poor, because, they money they make is not enough to enable them to buy the basic things or necessities, they need to live a good life. In fact, some people have been poor all their life, so they are used to being poor, and they also now believe that being poor is a normal way of life. No! Poverty is a horrible and devastating lack of money disease, that is destroying millions of innocent decent lives all over the world daily.

How could anybody explain or justify why their is so much poverty in our world that is so rich? Some of the major reasons why poverty is increasing and getting worse, is because of selfishness, greed, uncaring attitudes towards one another, racism, bad government policies, lack of proper financial information and business start up training and support from an early age.

The world is full of financially ignorant people who were never informed or educated about helpful financial matters, such as budgeting, investing, savings, balance sheet, net worth, cash flow, income, debt, producers, consumers, profit, loss, interest rates, mortgage, reverse mortgage, stock market, how to package their skills, talent, and gifts into a business venture without fear of failure, and in general, the language of finance and economics. The truth is that, those people who where fortunate enough to be exposed to these financial well of knowledge are not in poverty today, because they knew what to do to maintain a steady cash flow for their survival.

Have you ever heard the saying that, "one person can make a difference in changing the world positively?" That is what we do here at positive life changers. We are a group of ordinary caring and passionate people from all walks of life, who came together with one goal in mind: to help our brothers and sisters worldwide, to achieve their personal goals, attain financial freedom, and escape the prison and destructive disease called "Poverty." We are not celebrities. We are not famous people. We are not rich people.

We are ordinary people, just like you, who had the faith, passion, commitment, determination, and courage to believe that we can make a difference in the lives of you, our fellow brothers, sisters, and family who are living in all corners of the world. And because we believed in our positive, helpful, and noble goal, we have been very successful in making a great difference in over 190 countries worldwide. And since June 2013, we have received more than 12,000, 000 million visits. You can go to our website now and verified this fact. We are adding more countries gradually, eventually, our goal is to reach every country in the world.
You can help us to achieve that goal too, if you help us through your donations into our "Help Fund." If you would like to donate into our "Help Fund," visit our website, and click on the donate button.

We are helping to prevent a lot of potential suicides, especially from war torn countries. In fact, our website provides the only place of peace, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement, for people who have had enough of life's sufferings, torture, misery, depression, hopelessness, and emptiness. Positive Life Changers provides the final frontier in millions of peoples personal battles as to whether to end their own lives, or whether there is a better and worthwhile greater reason for them to appreciate their precious gift of life, by staying alive.

We succeed in persuading our fans and followers to chose life every time. We don't discriminate against any of our fans and followers, because we and all one big family. We help everybody, regardless of your gender, race, color of your skin, your religions, your sexual orientation, or any other unique differences which you may have. We are all one big family. In fact, many of the prejudicial differences which we have created amongst ourselves because of fear and ignorance and a lack of understanding has led to unnecessary wars, refugee problems, and the worse poverty increases in world history.

We promise to do everything withing our power, to help our fans and followers to escape or get out of poverty from 2017 and going forward.

Reality has taught us that, "you can take a thirsty camel to an oasis or water well in the desert, but you cannot force the camel to drink the water." So we realized, that for some who have been in poverty, it may be a challenge to get them out of their comfort zone which they are used to, but over time we will continue to work with them as the progress and see the benefits of getting free from poverty. For this reason, we will not force this help on you.

Our fans and followers, will have to ask for this help, then, we will send them all the information they need and how to do what needs to be done, all free. We will not charge any fees. The help which we provide will cost us a lot of money, but we will have faith that some very kind hearted and generous good people will help us cover our costs through their donations. We don't want the lack of money to stop any of our fans and followers from getting this help.

Did you know that if the world was serious and determined to eradicate poverty, it can be done, and it would have been done many decades ago. So why is there poverty in the world, if it could be eliminated? The is the million dollar question. And the answer is straight forward and very easy to prove. Poverty exists today in the world, and it is even being encouraged and created because certain people are benefiting from the existence of the hundreds of millions of poor people in the world today.

That is the truth. If you doubt it, go and do your research and see this truth for yourself. We have decided to help our fans and followers to show them the simple things they can do to eliminate the horrors of poverty from their lives.

How do you get started to participate in this project to get you our of poverty, starting in 2017, and moving forward. It is very simple, nothing complex, and you don't have to pay us any fees, for the work that we will do on your behalf. Go to our website and sign up on our mailing list, to receive all the necessary information. And we will continue to work with you in your country, until the goal of getting you our of poverty is met. If you are an interested donor who likes what we are doing and want to help us with your donations, please visit our website and use the donate button. If you have questions, please sent your text to: 1(813) 419-2178. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please share this information with your family, friends and social media associates. If they are languishing and experiencing the horrors of poverty, they will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives. Help us to reach more countries, so that we can help more people. Our grass root poverty elimination plan is efficient, effective, and producing amazing results.

If you are not already a fan, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter. The decision all all yours, and it will be the greatest decision you have ever made in your life, by choosing to escape your current life of poverty, and to rise up as a new positive successful and progressive person into a new and better life, where you will have money to afford the things you need with ease, joy, peace, and happiness.

Stop being tortured and humiliated by the lack of money, let money now work for you. We have a realistic and workable plan for you, but you must want it by asking for it. Go to our website now, and sign up for our email list. That is all you have to do. This service is offered free to our fans and followers because you are special to us and you deserve a better life. Thank you. We send you, your family, and friends our best wishes. Let this be our special Happy New Year 2017, gift to you.

Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team

Positive Life Changers Motivation Services

About Us

Our primary mission here at Positive Life Changers, include providing the place for success building plan, income opportunities, goals achievement, eBooks, positive blog, motivators, and personal growth strategies. Have you been putting off getting started on your goals for years now, because of your fear of failure, your fear of success, excuses, and procrastination until tomorrow but tomorrow never ends? Our effective guides, eBook and services will help you to overcome these challenges and obstacles. 

The time for you to get started is now because you cannot afford to waste any more time. Time waits for no one and you are getting older each day.  You don't want the great ideas and purpose that resides within you, to be silenced on the day you depart this world.

 The gifts, talents, and ideas which lies within you, has the potential, of not only improving your own life, but it will indeed produce something very important, that will make our world a better experience for all people. Contact us today and we will help you to get started at:

Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team



Your Music Sales Made Possible

1. Are you struggling to sell your music?
2. Are you organizing concerts but nobody shows up?
3. Have you worked very hard to record and produce your music, but you are not getting any support?
4. Do you have talent as a singer and or songwriter but you are not getting any signing deals or opportunities?
5. Are you getting discouraged by all these obstacles?
6. Has your motivation been deflated by all these roadblocks?
7. Are you at the point where you want to quit trying?
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9. Once you try it, you will get surprising and positive music sales and concert attendance results.
10. Please be aware that this is not a free service. You will be required to invest a reasonable service fee, because of all the background work involved which makes it work.
11. If you are tired of working so hard on your music without seeing any positive revenue or results, contact us now for more details on how to get setup and get started on this effective plan.
12. Request more details on: "Music Sales Breakthrough." Send your email to: We will get back to you within 48 hours.
13. Experience the joy of getting rewarded for your talent.
Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team

Title: Create A Positive Mindset For Success Within 90 Days.
Investment: Only $1.99.
Delivery: Instant Download After Checkout.
Payment Method: Secure Paypal System.
Please use the paypal button below thank you.

*Do you want to buy a reliable quality used car from USA?
*Do want to buy quality consumer products from USA?
*Do you like USA products but can't find it in your country?
*Let us help you through our reliable shopping services.
*We will work with you through the telephone and e-mail until you product or products are purchased, shipped and delivered to you.
*You will receive a tracking number, to enable you to track the shipping and  arrival of your product until it is delivered to you.
*Get started by using the form below to tell us what you want to buy. We will find it, then send you details about the cost, the cost of shipping, and the amount of our small fee for our services. We will show you how to pay the seller directly. If you accept the total cost then we will go to work for you immediately. Our job is to help you.
*If you have questions contact:

                            SAY: THANK YOU TO YOUR HERO TODAY.
1. Is your life better or improved today because someone helped you?
2. Are you successful today because someone helped you?
3. Are you alive today because someone or a group of people helped you?
4. Did someone encourage you, inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, and help you to get back on your feet, from the worst moments in your life?
5. Did someone you know or a total stranger make sacrifices for, took risks for you, out of the kindness of their heart, to support you, help you, and gave you the opportunity to achieve your goal or goals?
6. This person or group of people who unselfishly helped you, are your true "HEROES."
7. We encourage you to look for them, where-ever they are, and appreciate them, and say, "Thank You," to them.
8. You can write a letter expressing your appreciation and thanks, you can send your hero a special gift, you can send your hero some money to help them financially, if you can afford to do so, you can visit your hero, and take them and there families to dinner to eat and express your appreciation and gratitude.
9. This simple act of appreciation will change the lives of your hero or heroes just like they changed your own life in a positive way.
10. Am I somebody's hero and I don't remember? You may have helped to change somebody's life too, but you don't remember your own act of kindness. There is only one way to find out, if you too are someone else "HERO." Simply share this website with your family, friends, social media contacts, connections and associates. And you too will receive a surprise gift, appreciation, and thanks from someone whose life you changed in a positive way.
11. Experience the powerful impact of Appreciation today.
12. Don't wait until tomorrow. Say, Thank you to your hero today.
Positive Life Changers.
Prosperity Team.

*Use the form below to apply for our assistance.
*We will provide assistance from the donated funds.
*We will refer you to resources in your country for help, where necessary, so that you can get back up.
*Do lack motivation to do anything?
*Do you need encouragement to get you back on track?
*Do you have a great idea but lack support?
*Are you very sick and at home or in hospital?
*Do you want to start a business but don't have money?
*Are you thinking about committing suicide?
*Do you hate yourself due to past rejections?
Are you going through marriage or relationship problems that is blocking your peace of mind?
*Are you in an abusive relationship?
*Did someone you love or know die?

Are You Interested In Money Making

Opportunities? Visit The Links Below.



You Can Support Our Worldwide Causes Through A Donation.
Funds donated will be used for the following causes:
*Suicide prevention and education.
*Self-Hatred prevention and education.
*Positive Self-Improvement Mentoring and Services.
*Small Micro-Finance grants to poor business operators.
*If you support our positive services, use the Donate Button below. Donate any amount. We thank you very much.

          A Daily Reminder Of Who I Am.

I have a purpose in life.
I will fulfill this purpose in my lifetime.
I will not allow any obstacles to stop me.
Yes! I can achieve my goals and plans.
I am not here by accident but by assignment of purpose.
I am a valuable human being.
My life is precious and, I will always preserve it.
I appreciate all my gifts, talents, and blessings.
I will not allow anybody to destroy my happiness.
I will be a source of hope, harmony and encouragement to others.
I must defeat my fears by exercising my positive power over fear.
I must defeat my fear of rejection by exercising my positive power over rejection.
I must defeat my fear of failure by exercising my positive power over my thoughts of failure.
I must defeat all negative thoughts and negative mindsets by exercising my positive power over all my thoughts.
I must defeat my self-hatred, if I don't like myself, by exercising my positive power over my own self-hatred of myself.
I must defeat habit of my lack of self-confidence, by exercising my positive power over my lack of confidence in myself and my gifts, talents, purpose, and abilities.
I am a unique and special human being.
I must learn to forgive others, so that I too can be forgiven.
I must respect myself first, so that other people can respect me.
I must help, support, and encourage others in need, so that I will receive goodwill from others.
I am not inferior to any other person.
I am a beautiful woman. (if you are a woman).
I am a handsome man. (if you are a man).
I will strive to develop a likable personality.
I will work diligently each to maintain a positive mindset.
I am what I think, so I must reject negative thoughts and ideas.
My mindset is that, I am a winner. I am a champion.
I want to uplift, inspire, encourage, and be a source of peace, joy, unity, hope, harmony, happiness, progress and success to anyone who comes in contact with me.
I know now that what other people say about me or what they do to me, can never hurt me until I give it permission to hurt me.
I wish all my family members, my friends, and my associates the fulfillment of all their positive wishes, progress and success.
I wish myself the self-discipline, self-control, and the wisdom to live and maintain a positive and balanced life, filled with great achievements, happiness, patience, patience, passion, reasonableness, financial success, good-health, long-life, progress and success.
I will keep myself reminded of these positive affirmations until my purpose and goals are fulfilled.
The only obstacle that can stop me from success is myself, through my thoughts and my mindset.
I have made my decision that I am going to the mountain top.
And there is nothing and no forces that can stop me.
I chose progress and success beginning now.

Positive Life Changers.
Prosperity Team.

If you find this helpful, please share it, and share your comments If there is anything we can do to help you or encourage you to achieve your goal or goals, please contact us at:

Thank You For Your Visit.
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We Have A Great Selection Of Free Games Below For Your Enjoyment.
Slogan Creator
Absolute Space
Air Fox Destroyer
Airplane Flight Sim
Ancient Boy
Arrow Shooter
Dancing Baby Dance
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Bap Breakout
Baseball Flash
Basketball Game Flash
Battle Ship
Jewels Game
Bridges Game
Flash Dodgeball
Chili Time
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Connect Four
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Curve Ball
Defender Moon
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Duck Hunt
Eagles Quest
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Flash Maze
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Free Frogger
Flash Match
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Flash Slots
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Lunar Lander Game
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Sheep Herder
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Sky Fighters
3d Driver
Smash The Bugs
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Space Blaster
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Space Invaders Flash
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Star War
Sudoku Puzzle Solver
Super 3d Maze
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Tetris Game Flash
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Virtual Drums
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Fuzzy Mcfluffenstein 2
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Dead Tree Defender
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Twilight Bella Dress Up
Fuzzy Mcfluffenstein 3
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Drakojan Skies 2
Drakojan Skies 3
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Super Space Dogfighting
Super Monkey Poop Fight
Short Bus Rampage
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Boomerang Mayhem

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