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            A Daily Reminder Of Who I Am.

I have a purpose in life.
I will fulfill this purpose in my lifetime.
I will not allow any obstacles to stop me.
Yes! I can achieve my goals and plans.
I am not here by accident but by assignment of purpose.
I am a valuable human being.
My life is precious and, I will always preserve it.
I appreciate all my gifts, talents, and blessings.
I will not allow anybody to destroy my happiness.
I will be a source of hope, harmony and encouragement to others.
I must defeat my fears by exercising my positive power over fear.
I must defeat my fear of rejection by exercising my positive power over rejection.
I must defeat my fear of failure by exercising my positive power over my thoughts of failure.
I must defeat all negative thoughts and negative mindsets by exercising my positive power over all my thoughts.
I must defeat my self-hatred, if I don't like myself, by exercising my positive power over my own self-hatred of myself.
I must defeat habit of my lack of self-confidence, by exercising my positive power over my lack of confidence in myself and my gifts, talents, purpose, and abilities.
I am a unique and special human being.
I must learn to forgive others, so that I too can be forgiven.
I must respect myself first, so that other people can respect me.
I must help, support, and encourage others in need, so that I will receive goodwill from others.
I am not inferior to any other person.
I am a beautiful woman. (if you are a woman).
I am a handsome man. (if you are a man).
I will strive to develop a likable personality.
I will work diligently each to maintain a positive mindset.
I am what I think, so I must reject negative thoughts and ideas.
My mindset is that, I am a winner. I am a champion.
I want to uplift, inspire, encourage, and be a source of peace, joy, unity, hope, harmony, happiness, progress and success to anyone who comes in contact with me.
I know now that what other people say about me or what they do to me, can never hurt me until I give it permission to hurt me.
I wish all my family members, my friends, and my associates the fulfillment of all their positive wishes, progress and success.
I wish myself the self-discipline, self-control, and the wisdom to live and maintain a positive and balanced life, filled with great achievements, happiness, patience, patience, passion, reasonableness, financial success, good-health, long-life, progress and success.
I will keep myself reminded of these positive affirmations until my purpose and goals are fulfilled.
The only obstacle that can stop me from success is myself, through my thoughts and my mindset.
I have made my decision that I am going to the mountain top.
And there is nothing and no forces that can stop me.
I chose progress and success beginning now.

Positive Life Changers.
Prosperity Team.

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                          Life Disappointments Recovery Tips

                               Receive Free $250 For Sharing Your Life Changing Testimony

Follow the recovery tips provided below to enjoy your life more.
Everybody is focused on how to achieve success and positive results.
But everybody seem to forget that failures, disappointments, sadness, and pain are a natural part of our lives, which happens to us, more often than success.
The big problem here, is that we all want, money, success and the good life. And there tons of manuals and advise on what people should do with their success and about their success, to maintain it.
But there are very limited or non-existent guidance, instructions,  guides, support, or manuals on what we need to do with traumatic, life altering and devastating failures or disappointments, when they happen to us once or repeatedly.
What do you, about the shocking news of the death of a loved one?
What do you do, when you experience an embarrassing and humiliating failure, in your personal life, business, relationships, or in a big sports competition and championship game?.
What do you do, when your family and friends turn their backs on you at a period in your life when you need them the most?
What do when your wife or husband suddenly, tells you one day, that they never loved you or that they don’t love you anymore?
What do you do, when your spouse hits with divorce papers and wants to abandon your marriage in spite of your efforts to make it work?
What do you do, when you suddenly lose everything that you worked so hard for, your whole life?
What do you do, when you are falsely accused, framed, convicted and sent to prison for crimes you never committed.
What do you do, when you continue to run into an endless streak or a series of failures, set-backs and disappointments, one after another?
What do you do, when you fall from the good life, riches, fame, and fortune into becoming homeless and broke?
What do you do, when you have done everything that you could have done, and put in all the efforts within you powers and abilities, but you still failed?
What do you do, when you ask for help or cry out for help, but everyone ignores you or no one steps up to help you?
Life experience is a mystery. These mysteries involve uncertainties and unfairness that none of us can explain, correct or control. We must continue to survive and move forward by working around it. Don’t waste valuable time on the things you cannot understand or change.
Failures and disappointments will never become your final condition, if you refuse to accept it as the final verdict upon your life.
The great tool you have for surviving failures and disappointments, are “Hope”, and your “Passion,” to fulfill your own identified purpose for own existence before you depart from this world. These two factors will not allow you to give up or quit.
Remember that your every failure and disappoint is a temporary delay, that is preparing you to get better, wiser, smarter, stronger, better prepared, and getting ready to finally achieve and claim victory over all your past obstacles.
Find and surround yourself with caring, positive, honest and sincere true supporters and people who will help you, by lifting you up and supporting you when you are down or knocked down by life.
There is always a useful message hidden in every failure and disappointments. Look for that useful message and use it to improve your life for a better progressive future.
Remind yourself, that the set-backs, failure and disappointments, which happens to you, don’t define your life, neither do they determine how the final chapter of your life will end.
You must appreciate and understand, that your set-backs, failures and disappointments, are the elements which helps you to build your great character and successful life survival strategies.   Failures and disappoints are great allies for your success.
Never be so afraid, to the point, where you avoid or runaway from taking actions that will improve or change your life, just because you are afraid. Face your fears and don’t be afraid to fail because every obstacles will eventually step out of your way due to your fearless and stubborn determination.
Whenever, you have given all and the best of your abilities, but you fail, or get disappointed, or things don’t work out the way you had expect, it is ok to feel sad and feel pain because you are human. It is important to know that you may have failed at getting what you wanted to achieve at that point in time, but you are not a failure as a person. Your success or achievement has just been temporarily delayed.
Every time you experience a devastating failure, it is an accurate indicator that you are closer to achieving your goal.
We miss the useful messages in failures and disappointments because we are hurting from the pain and trauma from such set-backs. And on the other hand, when we discover these life changing useful messages, we are too attached to our situations or too afraid or too selfish to take the necessary actions that will improve our lives. We recommend that you should be alert to discover these messages and take actions.
The other great tool that will help you to survive, deal with, overcome and succeed and progress in spite of your failures and disappointments, is by accepting “what is.” This means that when bad things happen to you, when you fail, and when things don’t work out as you expected, don’t blame yourself or anybody else, don’t analyze it, don’t attempt to understand the why’s and how’s, and don’t explain it or give justified reasons to ease you pain and hurt. You must only accept what happened as it is.
You will effectively and successfully recover from any humiliating, devastating, and traumatic failures, set-backs and disappointments, by doing the following: A. remember that you don’t have the power to control or change what happened to you; B. remember that the events in your life are mysteries that you will never understand; C. accept what happened to you, as another one of your life’s growing learning experiences; D. don’t allow the failure or disappointment which you experienced to destroy your life, your peace of mind, your happiness, your present, your future, and your purpose in life; E. cry about it, feel sad about it, acknowledge your hurt and pain caused by it, then reach deep down into your spiritual reserve, to get the strength to pick yourself up, rise up, dust yourself off, stand up and fight for your survival, like a boxing champion who refuses to quit. These are your time tested tools that in the end, will bring you success and long lasting progress.
Use these effective tools to survive and over your own personal life experiences of failures and disappointments, on your way to achieving great success in your life.
Share these effective tools with your family, friends, and social network associates. Tell them about us and our website. Thank you. We wish you all the best, in all your positive goals in life.
If this information, helped to improve or change your life in any way, please Share your testimonies with us, if you don’t mind. If we select your testimony and share it on our website, Facebook, and Twitter, we will award you $250 FREE CASH. If you want to be considered for this FREE CASH PRIZE, sign up for our mailing list, then use any contact form located on any of our web pages to send us your life changing testimonies which happened in your life after you read the information we provided here. Winners will be paid through Paypal, Payoneer, and Payza.


Positive Life Changers

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1. Is your life better or improved today because someone helped you?

2. Are you successful today because someone helped you?

3. Are you alive today because someone or a group of people helped you?

4. Did someone encourage you, inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, and help you to get back on your feet, from the worst moments in your life?

5. Did someone you know or a total stranger make sacrifices for, took risks for you, out of the kindness of their heart, to support you, help you, and gave you the opportunity to achieve your goal or goals?

6. This person or group of people who unselfishly helped you, are your true "HEROES."

7. We encourage you to look for them, where-ever they are, and appreciate them, and say, "Thank You," to them.

8. You can write a letter expressing your appreciation and thanks, you can send your hero a special gift, you can send your hero some money to help them financially, if you can afford to do so, you can visit your hero, and take them and there families to dinner to eat and express your appreciation and gratitude.

9. This simple act of appreciation will change the lives of your hero or heroes just like they changed your own life in a positive way.

10. Am I somebody's hero and I don't remember? You may have helped to change somebody's life too, but you don't remember your own act of kindness. There is only one way to find out, if you too are someone else "HERO." Simply share this website with your family, friends, social media contacts, connections and associates. And you too will receive a surprise gift, appreciation, and thanks from someone whose life you changed in a positive way.

11. Experience the powerful impact of Appreciation today.

12. Don't wait until tomorrow. Say, Thank you to your hero today.

Positive Life Changers.

Prosperity Team.

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Please join us to help, encourage, and support our unemployed brothers and sisters. We have introduced this service to help our brothers and sisters worldwide, to survive  their current financial hardships. We invite our brothers and sisters who are are currently unemployed or those who have jobs but are still not making enough money to take care of themselves and their families, to sign up now, today, this this unique opportunity.

No matter how bad things are for you right now, there is hope for improvement and a better future, so long as you don’t give up or quit on yourself today.This not a time to feel sorry or pity  for yourself. Don’t complain or whine, don’t blame anybody for your situation and misfortunes, don’t lose hope about the possibilities of a better future. And keep in mind that what life gives you, is fate, and what you do with it is your destiny. We are here to encourage you, to reach deep down in yourself gather your last courage and will to keep moving on to the finish line of progress and success. But you will not make any progress unless you take action right now. If you don’t act, there will be no change, and without change, you will remain stuck in your present hardship conditions without any financial relief and progress. Remind yourself, “Yes I Can do it.”

How It Works
This opportunity is for any unemployed person anywhere in the world.

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Register or sign up now, so that we can send you all the necessary information you need to get started. It is very simple and easy to register. While you are on our website, use any of our sign up forms, located on any of our website pages, fill in your name , email, and this statement: “send me details about the Unemployed People’s Helper: Product And Services Showcase,” then click send.

Our service is FREE. It will not cost you anything.

If you have skills, talent, or special abilities, that you can transform into a product or service, we will show you what to do, and how to create your own products and services, where to market and promote it, and best of all a waiting and ready market to buy or use your services, right there in your own local community, state or country. You will love it, and have fun doing it.Give it a try now, today. Sign-up now.

We are helping people from all over the world, from turning their idle time, silenced skills and creativity into cash, to help you make ends meet and take care of yourself and your family. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live. Follow our instruction, contact us and start to experience a great Positive Life Changing journey, with steady cash or money to meet your needs.

As soon as we receive your request, we will send you everything you need to get started, within 48 hours, by email. It is fast, efficient, fun, and easy to get started.

It is very important, that you to follow the instructions we have provided.

You will be amazed at the simplicity, uplifting power, and the effectiveness of our help and encouragement services.

What are you waiting for? Can you create things, draw, do hair, teach, tutor, dance, sing, act, sew, clean, cut grass, make people laugh, mentoring people, cook, sell things, promote things, repair car, repair computers, write computer codes, create and design apps and much more skills, not mentioned here.

Please share this information with your friends on all social media platforms.

Real FREEDOM is FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Reach out now, and make the best of this opportunity, because you deserve a better, peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life.

Please follow our instructions above, and register now. If you have any questions, please include it in your request, through any sign up forms on our website.

Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team     

                                  Encouragement Empowerment Seminar

Come and experience the power of encouragement put into action in your life.

No life problem can defeat you, when you stay encouraged to keep moving on.

We invite you to give yourself a life-time special gift by attending this seminar.

Are you suffering under life problems, difficulties, and challenges such as: emotional hurt, trauma, and pain; stress, depression, relationship problems, marital problems, people relationship problems, work environment relationship problems, addictions, disappointments, self-rejection problems, sexual orientation identity crisis, self-hatred problems, lack of self-discipline problems, out of control anger problems, chronic worrying problems, lack of motivation problems, church hurt problems, fear of failure problems, fear of success problems, procrastination problems, bullying problems, sexual abuse problems, domestic abuse problems, and if you are an abuser of others, come and learn and receive powerful information that will keep you encouraged, empowered, uplifted, and motivated to take immediate needed actions that will positively change your present situation and improve your life and open a new door for your success and life-time progress.  

Partner With Us As A Seminar Sponsor

We would like you to partner with with us to help us expand the reach and positive good of our life Improvement Seminars.

Please check back for specific scheduled seminar dates and locations, as they become available. Thank you.

Contact us at: seminarsponsors@positivelifechangers.com or text or call and leave a message for us at (813) 419-2178, for more details on simple process you can follow, to invite us to bring our life changing seminar to your group, neighborhood, town, city, community, church, congregation, state, and to your country. We offer a worldwide or international motivational success building services. We would like you to become a part of this very fulfilling journey with us, as helpers and accelerators of success and progress.

The process for inviting us to bring our life changing seminar to your location is very simple. We do all the promotions and the rewards for the limited role which you will be doing for us is rewarding: this means that you will be rewarded financially. We will discuss these details with you, when you contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you to successfully bring our life-changing seminar to your location soon.


Gerald Paulson

Vice President
Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team



*Use the form below to apply for our assistance.

*We will provide assistance from the donated funds.

*We will refer you to resources in your country for help, where necessary, so that you can get back up.

*Do lack motivation to do anything?

*Do you need encouragement to get you back on track?

*Do you have a great idea but lack support?

*Are you very sick and at home or in hospital?

*Do you want to start a business but don't have money?

*Are you thinking about committing suicide?

*Do you hate yourself due to past rejections?

Are you going through marriage or relationship problems that is blocking your peace of mind?

*Are you in an abusive relationship?

*Did someone you love or know die?


Enjoy These Funny Videos.

Positive Life Changers

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Free Rejection And Failure Experiences Rebound Services

Discover The Value Found In Your Rejection, Losing, Disappointments, And Failures.
1. Have you suffered a devastating rejection experience?
2. Have you experienced a crushing failure?
3. Did someone you love betray you?
4. Are you crushed by a life changing divorce?
5. Are you to find out that your parents gave you up for adoption?
6. Did you discover that your trusted money mangers stole all your money and left you bankrupt?
7.Are you facing a life threatening illness?
8. Have you hit rock bottom in your life journey?
9. Have you been deserted by all your so called friends?
10. Come to us to lift you up and get you back on your feet?
11. We will not desert you at this difficult time in your life?
12. Come to us. Don't be afraid. We will help you?
This is a free support service which we will provide to you for 12 months or one year, through our e-mail support service. It is easy to receive our help. Send a request to us at: positiveassignments@positivelifechangers.com.

That is all you need to do. You will start to receive our monthly rejection and failure experiences rebound effective service that will change your life.

We don't charge you any fees for this powerful life changing service. Act now and discover the value found in your Rejection, Losing, disappointments, and Failure.

Positive Life Changers

Prosperity Team.

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Funds donated will be used for the following causes:

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*Small Micro-Finance grants to poor business operators.

*If you support our positive services, use the Donate Buton

below. Donate any amount. We thank you very much.

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ness, and hopeless. "where there is a will, there is a way." And "you will never lose your battles in life until you decide to give up or quit on yourself."

Are you sick and tired of living poverty? Are you currently unemployed and no one is calling you with a job offer? Are you homeless by yourself or with your family and children. We have information that will help you to improve your current difficult and financial hardship problems. What are you waiting for? Don't waste another day stuck in your difficult and stressful condition. We are currently helping people from over 180 countries. Contact us now, for the effective help, direction, instructions, plan, and support you need to improve you situation, on your journey to financial independence. Send your email request to: positiveassignments@positivelifechangers.com. We will get back to you within 48 hours.
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Positive Life Changers
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 ion that will rescue you and lead you to financial independence. You will never experience true freedom, until you attain financial independence. If you have a business that is struggling to survive due to lack of financial support or cash, contact us too, because we have information that will help you and your business to survive. It will cost you nothing to contact us. This service is free for all our fans, followers, and visitors to our website. Since June 2013, when we started to keep count, our website has received more than 10,000,000 million visitors and counting. Help yourself now. Tomorrow never ends.
Positive Life Changers
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*Let us help you through our reliable shopping services.

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*Get started by using the form below to tell us what you want to buy. We will find it, then send you details about the cost, the cost of shipping, and the amount of our small fee for our services. We will show you how to pay the seller directly. If you accept the total cost then we will go to work for you immediately. Our job is to help you.

*If you have questions contact: usashopper@positivelifechangers.com.

                                                     Positive Life Changers
                                         Productive Daily Living Guide

Life is full of mysteries and challenges. And with all the distractions and hundreds of choices you must make to survive each day. If you are not prepared to manage your daily existence, you will live an empty life filled with paranoia, fear, stress, depression, worrying, and hopelessness. Try applying these tips in your life, and start living a fulfilled life. Don't be a walking dead person.
Practice These In Your Daily Life
1. Be grateful and thankful for waking up today. No obstacle you face today will top this victory.
2. Pray, meditate, get yourself mentally prepared to face the challenges of today.
3. Start today on a clean slate. Keep everything that happened to you yesterday away from today. Don't bring your yesterday or past into today. That is poison and toxic.
4. Smile and treat everyone you come in contact with today, with respect, goodwill, and cooperation. They will project how you treat them back to you. If they, they treat you badly, they have a problem. Don't waste your positive energy on them by moving away from him or her.
5. Respect yourself by the way you carry yourself, your behavior, and your actions in general.  Peoples perception of you and your attitudes ar very powerful. Don't expect other people to respect you, if you don't respect yourself.
6. Be very careful about your beliefs or the things you believe in. Do your best to get correct facts before making judgements or decisions that will affect your life and other peoples lives. What you believe could be your worst enemy and downfall, if your belief is wrong.
7. Be prepared to take reasonable risks to get what you want or to achieve your goal or goals.  You must be willing and prepared to lose, fail, or be disappointed in order to accomplish anything of value and achieve greatness.
8. Take a stand on what is right, and don't try to be a hypocrite by switching sides when it serves your own selfish agendas or purpose.
9. Don't carry other peoples burden by making it your own problem. Be helpful to your family, friends, associates, and strangers  in need, but don't get too emotionally attached to their problems and get consumed by it.
10. Don't worry about the things you cannot change. By worrying, you are creating new imagery problems for yourself. You will get stressed out and sick unnecessarily.
11. When things don't go the way you planned it or when the results don't turn out as expected, don't assume that you have failed. What happened is only a temporary delay. There is usually a plausible reason for this delay, which you may not understand at the time. But accept the delay and everything will workout for the best.
12. Look for the good in anybody you meet. Every human being has a capacity for both good and evil, positive and negative. People will manifest that which you activate and encourage within them.
13. Don't give others the permission to make you angry. There are some people whose lives resolve around being miserable and making other people miserable like themselves. Keep such people away from you, because there primary goal is to make you angry, keep you miserable, and make sure that you live an unhappy life.
14. Do the things that brings you happiness. Maintain your hapiness. Protect your happiness. Never allow anyone to come and rob you of your happiness.
15. Keep your relationship in harmony and united with love, commitment, forgiveness, submissiveness, understanding, supporting each other, not competing against each other, respecting each other, always go back to what got you together the first time you met, and be interested in each others progress and success. Love means sacrifice and sacrifice means doing positive things even when you don't feel like doing it, to provide comfort, and support for  your spouse. For any relationship and marriage to succeed, both parties must proudly assume and appreciate their roles and duties. A marriage with both parties acting as two husbands will fail. A relationship with both parties acting as two wives will fail. Being submissive is to accept your role as a co-partner in a supporting role. A woman shouldn't feel like a second class citizen or as if she were a slave to her husband. A wife is not a slave because she is submissive to her husband. A wive is submissive to her husband because she love him and he loves her. In marriages were this bond is honored never ends in a divorce.
16. Never sell your values or self-worth or integrity for money. Money itself is a very useful and powerful tool which enables people to get things done faster and on a larger scale. Money is not bad. It is how a person worships and misuse money that is bad and evil. People do all kinds of unethical and wicked inhumane things for money. Money will always get spent and it will run out. When the consequences of the misuse of money starts coming upon you, all the money in the world cannot save you.
17. Use your religion as a guiding light for good and not as an excuse for rigid inconsiderate wicked actions. Some of the most unforgiving people alive are religious people. If you are religious, please lead by positive examples, by treating fellow human beings with kindness, empathy, consideration, and unconditional love. Many religious people are very unhappy.
18.   Don't allow anybody to deceive, lie to you, or trick you into hating yourself and who you are. Accept yourself the way you were delivered into this world. Work on changing the negative things about yourself that is interfering with your success and progress. But don't allow anyone to make you hate yourself.
19. Reject prejudice and racism. We may be different and unique, but we are one human family, whether we accept it or not. Ignorance, fear, and lack of an understanding of life itself are the root cause of prejudice and racism directed at the less powerful ethnic groups, gender, religion, etc.
20. Don't criticize anyone publicly in any media with the intent of humiliating them or to demonstrate your self-righteousness. Just as you don't like to be criticized publicly, nobody likes that either. The best practice is not to publicly criticize people or air out peoples dirty laundry on social media or any media outlet when you have a dispute. If you have a dipute with family or anyone, the best constructive approach is to contact them personally or by telephone or email, and make an attempt to resolve your dispute. The other person will be more willing to listen to your views, when you disagree with their behavior rather than condemning them as a person.
21. Stay busy and maintain a positive mindset. Be very careful about the information that you are exposing your mind to. The thinks you are accepting into your mind will soon become you and they will be manifested physically. You are what you think. Stay and think positive.
22. Respect your time. Your most valuable asset is your time. Once time is spent, it is gone forever. You can never get it back. You must respect your time by putting a reasonable value on it, and don't allow others to waste your time. If someone cannot respect your time and the value you place on your time, stay away from them.  
23. You need patience, persistence, commitment, and passion to make it through each day.  Patience is what gets you through those boring daily routines. Persistence is your savior when your motivation disappears. Commitment is the force that helps you maintain your values and follow through your plans. Passion is the key element which doesn't allow you to just through away all the investments you have put into the things you are pursuing.
24. Keep your hope alive. The moment you lose hope, it's all over for you. Hope is what gives you a reason to bear all your pains and setbacks of today, to wait for tomorrow for another chance to redeem yourself.
Apply these tips in your daily life and make each day great no matter what hand you are dealt.
Positive Life Changers
Prosperity Team
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My Pledge for Action and Execution:
1. I must take action now and not wait for tomorrow otherwise, I will never get it done.
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